Top Ten Most Powerful Races in Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball Universe is full of extremely powerful beings and species. Throughout most of the Dragon Ball Z series, we thought that the most powerful race must be the Saiyans, but with the introduction of Dragon Ball Super, we now realize that there are much more powerful races out there. With everything we know so far, here is a list of the top ten deadliest races in the Dragon Ball Universe.

The Kais

The Kais might have been only used for a comedic addition to the series but they are still powerful nonetheless due to their God-like abilities. Although they don’t battle any villains, they do help out our heroes by training them every now and then. Out of all the races listed here, they are the weakest yet the most respected.


The Namekians are a staple race that is premiered several times in the series. Their healing abilities and Namekian fusion put them on a whole different level compared to the other races. However, since they don’t have the same level of battle prowess, they still are very weak.


The key point that makes Androids so deadly is their never-ending supply of infinite energy. Their speed and precision in combat allow them to land some deadly blows on their opponents. This is something that Goku and the others found out when they faced off against the Androids in Dragon Ball Z. Their agility makes them a very tough opponent and a strong race overall.

Supreme Kais

Supreme Kais are more powerful than ordinary Kais. This can be proved by the powerful Zamasu who was, in fact, an apprentice and not yet a complete Supreme Kai. His battle run with Goku and Vegeta proved how powerful he was. They’re much stronger than the average Kai and have much more endurance, making them a very deadly opponent.

Frieza’s Race

Frieza’s race is still something of a mystery in the Dragon Ball universe but we can’t deny that they are some of the strongest people out there. His race, though unnamed, has a surprising number of strong warriors. The Z-warriors have faced them multiple times and the tyrant Frieza even made a comeback in Dragon Ball Super, where he turned out to be even more powerful than we first thought. Their race is definitely strong and also has the ability to evolve just like the Saiyans.


Despite his appearance, Majin Buu is one of the most powerful characters in the entire DBZ universe. Not only does he pack some real power in his punches, but he also has some impenetrable defenses due to his bodily structure. The DBS Manga also revealed the God-like nature of his character due to the absorption of the Grand Supreme Kai.


It might come as a surprise that the Saiyans didn’t achieve first place in this list, but when you realize the three races coming up next, it’ll all make sense. The Saiyans are without a doubt the best race when it comes to combat and battle prowess. No race can achieve their level of growth and improvement which they undergo through every battle and training session. Dragon Ball Super heightened their power by revealing that they could also harness the power of God Ki. Even the destroyer Gods are afraid of their potential.


Even before Dragon Ball Super, Dragons were still considered to be a very powerful race in the Dragon Ball universe. This is mainly due to their wish-granting abilities that have not been seen in any other race. And although they don’t take part in battles or tournaments, yet if they did choose to, it would be a very unfair match.


The Destroyer gods have the unparalleled ability to destroy anything, from living beings to entire galaxies, that they wish with just a single motion. This is something that is far beyond the capabilities of any other race in the entire series, except God himself (Omni-King). Beerus is the perfect example, he was the first destroyer to be introduced to the series and he quickly turned into one of the most feared characters.


There is one race that is even above the destroyer gods: the angels who serve them. These angels are the most powerful beings of their respective universes, even beyond the power of their destroyer. Their main role is to monitor their respective destroyer and to ensure that they are doing their job properly.

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