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Shape-shifting chair by Jaguar Land Rover simulates sensation of walking while driving

With an ambition to cut back the well being dangers associated to sitting down for too lengthy (which might occur when one is partaking in a prolonged highway journey), Jaguar Land Rover is creating a shape-shifting chair to “make your mind assume you are strolling”.

Jaguar Land Rover introduced on Jan 16 its improvement work on a “shape-shifting” chair designed to make whoever is sitting in it really feel as if they’re strolling. By tricking the mind into considering the physique is transferring whereas it is really seated in a automotive, the well being dangers related to sitting down for too lengthy may probably be drastically decreased.

To perform this, the corporate built-in a set of actuators in a foam seat that create “fixed micro-adjustments” which result in the mind believing that you take rhythmic steps one leg at a time.

Such an invention can hold those that typically take lengthy journeys on the highway from struggling the negative effects of remaining seated for prolonged durations of time like shortened muscle mass and again ache.

This in-development morphing seat aligns with Jaguar Land Rovers Vacation spot Zero imaginative and prescient, an ambition to make societies cleaner and the folks inside them safer and more healthy. – AFP Relaxnews

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