Marvel Superhero

How the magical world begin

Marvel was not the first name of the this glorious comic brand its was known as ‘Timely
Comic’ when it begun in 1939 and later it changed into  Atlas Comics. The marvel period
started in 1961, it published the fantastic four which became very popular and in a couple of years marvel gained immense success.

Marvel encompasses the big names like Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Spider Man, Black Panther,
Wolverine, the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, the Punisher and Dead pool, such teams as the Avengers, the X-Men, the Midnight Sons and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and super villains including Thanos, Doctor Doom, Magneto,  Green Goblin, Red Skull, Loki, Doctor Octopus and Venom. Most of marvel characters are based in the New York city (America).

Although the Fantastic four was the first comic book of the marvel by Stan Lee and jack Kirby but the first film of the Marvel was Iron man in 2008 directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Avi Arad this film earned $318.4 million in the United States and Canada and $266.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide gross of $585.2 million against the budget of 140 million became the 8th highest grosser of the world. People have the shown the greater interest in the films based on the life of Super Heroes. After the first success of the Iron man till to day marvel has produced so many flicks which has managed to make billions of dollar and many awards won by many films.

Marvel cinematic universe produced first avenger series by the name of The Avengers in 2012 this film has brought many super heroes to gather like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Thor to form a team that must stop Thor’s brother Loki from jeopardizing the universe. The film received positive reviews from critics, as well as numerous awards and nominations including Academy Award and BAFTA nominations for achievements in visual effects. The Avengers earned about $1.5 billion worldwide and became the third- highest-grossing film of all time and it was also the highest-grossing film of 2012.

it managed to get on the one of the 100 greatest films of all time in Empire magazine’s poll of The 100 Greatest Movies. Two sequels, titled Avengers; Age of Ultron and Avengers; Infinity War, has released in 2015 and 2018 respectively ,while Avengers;

avengers endgame is scheduled for release in April 26 2019.

The first Marvel movie which has black colored hero in blade which has released in 1998, got a lot of appreciation by public regardless of mix reviews given by critics. It was the cult film. Each marvel movie hero has its own 3 to 4 film contract many of the character have been played their part and their journey have been ended and is about to end by 2019. There is speculation that Steve and Toney might die in the last instalment of Avenger Endgame.

The marvel is about to launch its first female super hero as captain Marvel which supposed to bevvery strong and better than any hero so far in history of marvel.


Marvel has earned a lot of success, many of its characters have received huge respect and appreciation from audiences and critics it has created spell biding magic and will continue to do so …

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