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This responsive alien tree branches out of his comfort zone lends a hand to the Guardians of the Galaxy keep the people of the universe safe. Conscious and super active plant-being Groot left his enormous flora people behind on their inhabitant Planet X to travel out into the galaxy. Both before and after meeting the genetically enhanced creature known as Rocket, Groot achieved an impressive list of criminal charges from the Nova Corps khatrimaza police force while working for crime lords in various capacities.

Together, Groot and Rocket finally pondered on being bounty hunters, a job that took them to many striking worlds. Upon tracking Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, to Xandar for the bounty on his head, Groot and Rocket trapped in the conflict associated to the murder of Gamora and in a very bad wounded condition got arrested by Nova Corps. They were locked up in the Kyln prison multifaceted alongside Quill and Gamora, where they also met the warrior Drax. They teamed up with their fellow prisoners to fence the Orb, a mystifying work of art that Quill claimed could be sold for enormous wealth if Groot and the others would help him to break out the lock-up.

Composed of matter akin to that of wood and possessing a fully functioning brain system, Groot can “grow” most anything he needs at any given time from his body, such as weapons for fighting, protective barriers for himself or others, and even flowers to give to special someone. Not usually overly conversational, he communicates with what appears to be a single phrase, “I am Groot,” but which can be translated to mean a whole host of things, as if stated in a full language format. Normally composed and friendly, Groot can handle himself well in warfare and use deadly force if he feels the situation warrants it and most especially if anyone endangers Rocket or his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, in those moments, Groot can be called fierce and frightening.

One of his greatest abilities is his ability to survive immense damage or even mortal injury by “reroofing” himself from even a small shard of his former self. During this reformative time, Groot follows a growth cycle similar to humans, from infant to pubescent and finally to adulthood, with each stage bringing with it evolving intelligence and disposition levels.

When provoked or threatened, Groot transforms from peaceful tree-person into a mighty warrior with a hint of savagery—characteristics he exhibits regardless of what age he appears to be. As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot joins the fight against cosmic threats like Ronan and Ego, and eventually Thanos and his followers. On a more personal level, the baby incarnation of Groot exacts his vengeance on the Ravager named Retch for abuses delivered by Retch during Groot’s brief tenure as the forced “amulet” of the pirates Rocket stands as Groot’s closest companion and buddy, with all that such a relationship brings with it. Though the almost-raccoon often times seems frustrated or even irritable with the tree-being, they are in fact deeply aware of each other’s needs and feelings.

Groot also apparently treasures his friendship and comradeship with the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Gamora and Peter Quill, the two of them often acting as parental figures after Groot is reborn in a baby-like form.

While at first showing indifference to the Asgardian Thor, Groot ultimately comes to his aid at a crucial point, and fights alongside him and other Avengers and close allies of that Earth-bound team.

Beyond his immediate circle of friends, Groot gravitates to the browbeaten he encounters in his travels, especially children.

Groot in avengers’ infinity war:

The same was true of Avengers: Infinity War, in which Groot had an admittedly small but vital role. For most of his screen time, Adolescent Groot cares not one bit about what’s going on in the world around him and instead is addicted to playing some kind of mobile gaming device. He does, however, spark up when Thor is in trouble, cutting off his own arm to make a handle for Thor’s new weapon.

And then, devastatingly, Groot falls prey to the Thanos Snap and is one of the many MCU characters to disappear into dust, uttering, “I am Groot” to Rocket as he fades away. Well because he’s an emotional terrorist, James Gunn took to Twitter to reveal exactly what Groot was saying with that final line and, uh, prepare yourself:

Divination of Avengers Endgame:The finale of Avengers: Infinity War saw the demise of many beloved Marvel characters, leaving fans to speculate how the characters could potentially return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a future film. One eagle-eyed fan thinks that the departed Groot might have already emerged in the teaser for Avengers: Endgame. The teaser for the film seemingly depicts Tony Stark floating through space after his bout with Thanos, yet, if you look closely at one shot, it almost appears as though Groot‘s wooden face can be seen behind him While it might comfort fans to think that Groot isn’t as dead as we thought, this likely isn’t the Guardian of the Galaxy on the ship, but is the result of pareidolia, or the phenomenon in which the human brain attempts to interpret stimuli into recognizable forms or shapes. It’s hard to deony that the figure looks similar to Groot’s face, though is actually the result of a headrest with specific lights and shadows creating what appear to be the fallen hero.

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