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Do partners or friends get separated from private and business?

In a relationship and friendship – separating private from business, is that possible?

In a relationship or friendship, you often find yourself at work trying to separate private things, but that does not always work. The biggest problem is especially when you have argued in the private and is now professionally forced to talk to each other. Many then know no way out and try to report sick, so as not to face the person. But that’s not the way to go.

Set exact separation from the beginning

Right from the beginning, one should separate one’s professional and private life from one another and set strict divisions in order to strike a balance between work and family life. By deliberately setting limits, you can increase your work efficiency and reduce stress in your personal life. While advances in technology are useful, they are always accessible and often blur the boundaries between work and private life. Separated from family activities and leisure.
If you are on the same working spree with the spouse you should under no circumstances make caresses, such as kissing or holding hands. Such a behavior mixes the world of work with the private sphere and also provides for the outside usually no understanding and funny looks from the work colleagues.

Setting time limits for business communication at home can be a way of separating work from home. If you need to check your business emails and messages from home, you also set times for them and do not burden the spouse with these things. Above all, one should avoid saying anything about this topic at all.

Regardless of whether it is a minor family concern or something more serious, one should make a decision and absolutely not mention private things at work in order to keep private life private at work, so that the work is not a negative one influenced or endangered.

Do not indulge in friendly offers

One should not get carried away with personal conversations when working with friends, if you want to lead a personal life in the office. One should try not to signal for a coffee gossip its provision, but rather to pull the topics with discussions on the business things. It is also quite possible that one is being watched by his boss and it is generally undesirable to always take the private items to the office. Honesty is also a point to stick to. Just openly communicate the rejection of private stories and say that you do not want to do something in the office environment.

You can ask your friends not to call you on business day off.
Thoughts about work remain at work and are not taken along. Being at home focuses on family matters, hobbies and personal interests.

Of course it is important that you are not dismissive of your friends and do not do something that they get a bad picture of you, but if you allow the working relationships to affect your personal life, you should definitely make a dash and push the boundaries.

Having defined and set your personal boundaries, you have to clearly communicate these supervisors and colleagues.

More meetings and times outside working hours

Of course, once you have set the limits, then you also have to create a balance. It is best if you also spend more time with your friends outside working hours. You can easily plan activities and tell your friends that this is an opportunity to talk about things that can not be addressed directly at work. Even bars or pubs are a way to talk to private things after a week or two and to keep the friendship fresh and upright. But note, on such evenings, things that have to do with the work have nothing lost, you really just limit yourself to the things that have to do with the friendship

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