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Business communication: colloquial and smileys “thanks” Internet?

“The Internet causes our language to wither,” writes Die Welt. Is it really that way? Can we no longer speak German? And how does it affect business communicationBy Nadezda Gerdemann

Private vs. business – separate writing styles!

The internet is a part of our everyday life. Whether privately or at work – we write emails, posts on Facebook and comment videos on YouTube. Difficulties occur when you are only used to dealing privately on the Internet and then come to work. Because the business communication and the private writing style on the Internet are vastly different. This is often a problem especially for job starters.

Business communication: the theory

business communication

Mostly we tend to write as we would speak. May work for some copywriting – but is easily misunderstood in a business communication. The use of smileys is difficult in a business writing: emotions express better by punctuation marks .

Business communication also needs to stay on business:

  • Write in a friendly-objective and understandable writing style.
  • Avoid phrases.
  • Formulate short and concise!

Your customers appreciate it when you get to the point without long unnecessary waste.

Business communication needs to be learned!

So much for the theory. But in practice, business communication is much more difficult. Now it’s up to you to improve your writing style!

  • Read a lot! This helps to expand the vocabulary and to improve grammatically
  • Writing also helps you with the grammar and the expressiveness in your business communication
  • You have the written text in mind: Compare the new texts with the older ones. Reflection causes you to experience volatility and system errors that you would not have noticed in your business communications.
  • Always ask yourself: would I understand the text exactly as I wrote it? Can you say it differently? Is this the common language or does it correspond to the required level of communication?
  • Let your colleagues or a professional copywriter read your texts. Most of the time an outsider has weaknesses that you do not even notice.

By the way: interlacing offers in-house training for business communication – so your employees and apprentices get professional feedback and practical tips on their emails and letters!

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