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avengers infinity war 2 Some Marvel movies have little to no rewatch value. I saw Thor: The Dark World once and had a perfectly fine time, but I came out of that theater knowing I would never seek to watch it again on purpose. I got it the first time, so a second (or third, or twentieth) watch would be pointless. I also feel this way about Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3.

Other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have loads of rewatch value. Captain America: The Winter Soldier swaps genres depending on which elements of the plot I focus on, Guardians of the Galaxy stays fun no matter how many times I idly catch it on Netflix, and the first Iron Man never ceases to astound me for its prescience in jump-starting the MCU.

This said, after rewatching Avengers: Infinity War three times since seeing it in theaters, I think it’s the most rewatchable of all 19 current Marvel movies and can’t wait to have a moment to queue it up again.

The implication in me watching Infinity War three times in as many days is that I am beyond obsessed with the franchise, which is true. I’m bananas about the MCU and its characters. But even as I paid extremely close attention on my second and first watches, I still discovered new things to notice on my third watch and became even more impressed with the movie each time.

Watching Infinity War for the first time was an exercise in being enjoyably stressed out, until the snap came along and punched me in my stupid, hero-loving face. I was so shocked after my first watch that it took a few days for me to put together all of the plot points that led up to the snap. That first viewing was effective in bringing the pain and keeping the hype wheel spinning until the release of avengers infinity war 2 , but it’s hard to judge Infinity War as a movie without knowing what happens in advance.

I waited until I could watch Infinity War at home before I saw it again and I’m glad I did. The ability to see the movie without the stress of wondering what’s going to happen is a boon to the viewing experience, and stopping/pausing/discussing after each important plot movement enhanced my appreciation for the film (though I do feel the need to apologize to my significant other, who expected to watch a two-and-a-half hour movie and wound up participating in a four-hour roundtable).

My second viewing was spent catching up on laugh lines that I missed in the theater and picking out character moments, like every single time Bruce Banner is in the background visibly losing his shit over everything he missed while the Hulk was in control of his body.

Once), there are still things I picked up in my third viewing that I didn’t notice in the first two (watching it with captions is recommended at least. What struck me the third time I watched Infinity War was how well the movie exists on its own while spending every scene setting up next year’s avengers infinity war 2 , which is set to be the climax of the entire MCU. While it obviously sets the stakes for the sequel as high as possible, Infinity War also lays out the rules of engagement for any further confrontation with Thanos.

For example, I didn’t notice until the third watch that the individual Infinity Stones glow when Thanos uses their power. By watching the way he uses each stone (and sometimes combines their powers), the limitations of their power and the way he can use them become clear. It took a handoff between the space and power stones to summon, then throw, a moon at Tony Stark, and Thanos appears weak when confronted with objects or individuals who derive their powers from one of the stones (Scarlet Witch held him off single-handedly, and her power comes from exposure to the mind stone).

Each time I watch Infinity War, I feel like I get another piece of the puzzle.
Knowing the extent of Thanos’ powers will be key for the avengers infinity war 2 when it comes to their inevitable final confrontation with him. It took until my third watch to fully understand the power levels of the existing avengers infinity war 2 and their new raccoon friend, with regard to their usefulness in the coming fracas.

It’s easier to see where the survivors fit after a third watch. Steve Rogers nearly has the strength to overpower Thanos, as would Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster suit or the Hulk himself if either of them would submit to some combat training (maybe Natasha could help there). Tony is smart enough to figure out whatever Doctor Strange‘s gambit was with the time stone, and Rocket has the technical know-how to build a ship that can get the avengers infinity war 2 safely to space and back should the need arise.

Each time I watch Infinity War I feel like I get another piece of the puzzle that was previously obscured by whatever I was paying attention to before. It’s unlikely (and nuts, even for me) that I’ll keep watching it once a day until avengers infinity war 2 comes out. But as far as Marvel films go, its layered storytelling and ever-apparent trail of breadcrumbs makes it an easy “once a month, or whenever I don’t have anything else to catch up on” movie.

It’s more than I can say for almost any other superhero film, and it’s pretty much all I have to hang on to until April 2019

Avengers Infinity War 2 Ending Explained

This article consists of nothing but MAJOR Avengers Infinity War 2 ending spoilers. We have a spoiler free review here if you prefer.

Well, it has been a fun 10 years, but Avengers Infinity War 2 marks the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos won. Half of your favorites are dead. What a bummer of an ending, right?


The Avengers Infinity War 2 ending may seem bleak, but all it really does is promise more ass kicking to come when Avengers Endgame war 2 opens in 2019. (Check out our complete breakdown of the Avengers: Endgame trailer here!).

What happened at the end of Avengers Infinity War 2?

For all of Thanos’ talk throughout the movie of bringing “balance” to the universe by eliminating half of all life, nobody really expected him to be able to pull it off. The movie even lulled comic book fans into a false sense of security. The Infinity Gauntlet comic, which very much inspired certain parts of this movie, actually BEGINS with Thanos already in control of all six gems.

And that’s really the crazy part of this: everyone expected this movie to be the cinematic adaptation (in some form) of The Infinity Gauntlet. Instead, Avengers Infinity War 2 ends where The Infinity Gauntlet begins. That not only throws spoiler hounds off the trail, but helps create a greater “anything can happen” sense across both movies.

Every Marvel Easter Egg in Avengers Infinity War 2.

Yes, Thanos “snaps his fingers” and utilizes the full power of the unified Infinity stones. It isn’t just the heroes who have been making his life difficult throughout the movie who die, as we learn in the post-credits scene. Instead, he uses the Gauntlet to wipe out half of all life, not just on Earth, but in the entire universe.

What’s Up With Farmer Thanos?
I know I’m contradicting myself a little bit here right after saying that Avengers Infinity War 2 ends where The Infinity Gauntlet comic begins. But the pastoral Thanos is a nod to the ending of The Infinity Gauntlet comic, where after faking his own death to avoid total defeat, Thanos retreats to a planet where he can live in solitude.

Who will DEFINITELY survive Avengers 4?

You know, with half of your favourite heroes turning to ash and blowing away. While Gamora, Loki and Heimdall met their fates otherwise, we fully expect the victims of the Infinity Snap to return in Avengers: Endgame somehow or other (and maybe Loki too).

But it would be a bit cheap if, after all the drama of Infinity War, our heroes walked away completely unscathed from its untitled sequel. Heads really have to roll to maintain the tone of the first movie.

Iron Man aside (sorry, Tony), there are some characters who are definitely going to survive in the MCU’s Phase Four.

  1. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).

After finally putting the long-awaited Black Widow solo movie into development, there’s just no way they will kill her off now. Her pre-Avengers life wasn’t very happy as far as we’ve gathered (remember the Red Room and the “red in her ledger”?), and a bleak, flashback memorial to a dead character doesn’t feel very Marvel.

  1. Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

As much as we ‘d love to see the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales, on the big screen in the MCU, there’s no doubt that Peter Parker will be alive for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel– which we’re told is set immediately after Endgame anyway. And there’s no way Sony is going to announce a fourth new Spider-Man so soon after we met the (extremely popular) third.

  1. Drax (Dave Bautista).

Disney might be having words with Mr Bautista, as he’s already spilled the beans about being back not only for Avengers 4 but also Phase Four’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, now with the newly re-hired James Gunn officially back on board.

Some people might wish that Star-Lord would be shuffled off this mortal coil after his misbehaviour in Infinity War, but even after turning to dust, we’re sure he’ll be sticking around. James Gunn has said that his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy tells “one story”, and as the ostensible lead of the first two films, they can’t really complete the narrative without him.

  1. Rocket (Sean Gunn/Bradley Cooper).

Everyone’s favourite CGI snarkster is basically the only surviving member of the core Guardians team after Thanos eradicated half the population of the universe. And again, Gunn promised that we will learn more about Rocket’s “horrible” origin in the future, so unless Avengers 4 takes a completely unexpected detour into his past– and let’s face it, with a cast that big, there just isn’t the time– he’ll be sticking around for a while yet.

  1. Groot (Vin Diesel).
  2. Groot is basically unkillable at this point (as long as you avoid getting too far into the weeds about his memories), so as long as he comes back from the Snap, there’s not much anyone can do– or would want to do– about his continued presence in the films .

2: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)

11 years after Iron Man first stomped across our screen, Marvel Studios have brought us their first female-fronted solo movie. Touting her as the most powerful hero in the MCU and hinting that she will be the saviour of Avengers 4, if Disney kills her off there will be riots.

  1. Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).

Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, The Hulk, Captain America, Avengers Infinity War 2 trailer Along with Spider-Man, the ‘death’ of T’Challa in Infinity War convinced us that those lost heroes would be back. Following the $1 billion plus success of Black Panther, there’s no way that Marvel is letting him go, so the king will have to stay.

  1. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

While Marvel is being coy about announcing Doctor Strange 2 (indeed, most of Phase Four’s movies are still under wraps), his first solo movie left so many dangling threads for a sequel that it’s impossible to believe that the studio will ignore them and mess up the nice, tidy universe.

Every other MCU sub-franchise has received a sequel so far too, and there’s little reason to believe that Doctor Strange will be an exception.

And Stephen was so chill about his vision of the future in Infinity War. If he’s not worried that his days are numbered, there’s no reason we should be either.

  1. Shuri (Letitia Wright).

Can you say ‘fan favourite’? We’ve only just met Shuri, and were disappointed by how little she had to do in Infinity War. There’s no way they’re letting the brilliant Letitia Wright go, and fans wouldn’t stand for it if they tried.

  1. Okoye (Danai Gurira).

What goes for Shuri is equally true for Okoye, with the added fact that Okoye would be having none of that nonsense. Wakanda forever!

With Heimdall and Thor unable to even stand, Loki is brought before Thanos himself. Thor, Heimdall, and Loki soon find out that Thanos, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet already accommodating the Power Stone, had begun his quest of hunting down the Infinity Stones personally.

Loki initially hesitates, to which Thanos responds by torturing Thor with the Power Stone. Loki doesn’t hand it over, and buys sufficient time for Hulk to attack Thanos and save Thor from Thanos’ grasp. With the Statesman’s surviving members helpless against the power of Thanos, Heimdall saves the Hulk’s life by summoning the power of the Bifrost Bridge the last time and teleporting him to Earth and safe from harm.

AAM5440 v080.1060.

In retaliation, Thanos kills Heimdall, leaving Thor in anguish. After this, the Tesseract – which had been left on the floor – is handed over to Thanos by Maw. Thanos crushes the Tesseract and inserts the Space stone within it into his gauntlet. Now in possession of two stones, Thanos orders his children to invade Earth and retrieve both the Mind Stone and the Time Stone. Loki then suddenly interrupts by pretending to pledge loyalty to Thanos. As he does so, he commits the bold yet fatal action of trying to kill Thanos with a dagger. Thanos sees through Loki’s attempt and foils him with his newly acquired stone, and proceeds to grab him by the neck. Thor only helplessly watches as Thanos breaks Loki’s neck before his very eyes. Thanos uses the Power Stone to destroy the Statesman while he and the Black Order teleport away, leaving Thor to die as he mourns over his brother’s dead body as the ship explodes around him.

On Earth, Hulk crashes into the New York Sanctum via Bifrost and turns back into Bruce Banner, informing Doctor Strange and Wong about Thanos. Strange, Wong, Banner, and Stark discuss the Infinity Stones, eventually surmising that Thanos is looking for both the Time Stone, held in the Eye of Agamotto, and the Mind Stone, kept by Vision. Banner insists that Thanos is the most formidable enemy they have ever faced, revealing that he was Loki’s sponsor during the Battle of New York and will wipe out half the universe if he completes the Infinity Gauntlet.


Before he can, however, an ominous hum rings through the air, accompanied by a change in air flow. A massive, ring-shaped Q-Ship hovers above New York City, causing panic and fear in the streets. Strange manages to shut the ship’s engine off as Ebony Maw and another of Thanos’ children, the hulking Cull Obsidian, approach them. While Strange, Stark, Wong and Banner confront the invaders, the Q-Ship is witnessed from afar by Peter Parker, who rushes in to investigate. A turbulent battle erupts in the streets, but Banner finds himself unable to transform into Hulk, despite his best attempts. As Wong fights Cull, trapping him in the Arctic with his Sling Ring, Ebony Maw, a fierce telekinetic, successfully abducts Strange, with Time Stone in tow. Unbeknownst to Maw, however, both Iron Man and Spider-Man – who is granted his Iron Spider Armor – manage to stow away in Maw’s Q-Ship. As Wong returns to the Sanctuary to protect it, Banner finds Stark’s phone and decides to call Rogers himself.

Infinity War 157.

Having survived the vacuum of space after the Statesman’s blast, Thor is rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who received the Asgardians’ distress call. They take him aboard the Benatar, where Thor tells of how Thanos killed half the Asgardians to obtain the Space Stone and decimated Xandar to obtain the Power Stone. Gamora recounts how Thanos traveled from planet to planet, killing half the population of each, and will do the same to the entire universe should he complete the Gauntlet by merely snapping his fingers. They figure that Thanos will be headed to Knowhere in order to take the Reality Stone from the Collector. Thor decides to leave for Nidavellir, as he intends to ask Eitri to craft him a new weapon. Thor leaves with Rocket Raccoon and Groot while Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and Mantis depart for Knowhere.

Infinity War 280.

Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, two more of Thanos’ children, ambush Vision, who attempts to live a normal life with Wanda Maximoff in Scotland. Vision is deeply weakened in the attack, while Maximoff barely manages to hold her own against both assailants. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Rogers, Falcon and Black Widow, who have been contacted and filled in by Banner. Together, they force Proxima Midnight and a heavily wounded Corvus Glaive to retreat before returning to the New
avengers infinity war 2 Facility.

Remembering how Thanos destroyed half of her people and adopted her in the process, Gamora makes Quill promise that he will kill her if she gets captured by Thanos. Although Quill is reluctant, Gamora makes him promise and swear on his mother. He eventually agrees, and the two share a kiss. As they arrive on a deserted Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy witness Thanos violently interrogating the Collector over the location of the Reality Stone. The group makes too much noise and Thanos realizes their presence. Gamora goes on the offense, attacking and promptly defeating the Titan, who falls to the ground, seemingly killed.

AW 45 Trailer pic.

The group discovers that Thanos has already acquired the Reality Stone, and has been using it to cast a massive illusion. Thanos had expected Gamora to come and fight him, and is aware that she is the only person who knows the location of the elusive Soul Stone. Quill aims to fire at Thanos’ head, but Gamora begs Quill to keep his promise and kill her, with Thanos pushing Gamora against the gun, inviting him to do so.

Avengers infinity war 2

After bringing everyone up to speed, Banner suggests calling in Hawkeye for help, but Romanoff explains that he as well as Scott Lang are unavailable, having surrendered themselves to the US government, making deals to be placed under house arrest with their families. Together, the team decides that the Mind Stone must be destroyed and that Maximoff is the only member powerful enough to do so. In order to destroy the stone without killing Vision, Rogers suggests traveling to Wakanda.

In Wakanda, T’Challa and Okoye deliver a new vibranium arm to Bucky Barnes, who has recovered from his mental programming.

Ebony Maw and Strange.

In Ebony Maw’s Q-Ship, Stark and Parker successfully rescue Strange by blowing a hole in the ship’s hull, fatally shooting Ebony Maw into space. While Strange advocates returning to Earth, Stark suggests keeping the course set on Titan in an effort to keep an element of surprise over Thanos. Strange agrees but warns Stark that he will have to protect the Time Stone, even if it means sacrificing him or Parker.

On the Sanctuary II, Gamora tells Thanos that she doesn’t know the location of the Soul Stone and calls her adoptive father insane for planning to exterminate half of all life in the universe, though Thanos insists on the righteousness of his ultimate desire for “perfect balance”. He informs Gamora that her home planet Zen-Whoberi has been thriving since he eradicated half of its population. As Thanos needs the Soul Stone to fulfill his goal, he reveals that Nebula is his prisoner. Thanos tortures Nebula in front of Gamora, slowly pulling her body apart. Unable to bear it, Gamora reveals that the Soul Stone is hidden on Vormir.

Eitri as King.

They encounter Eitri, now the only remaining Dwarf on the forge, and he explains that Thanos ordered him to craft the Infinity Gauntlet, crippling the Dwarf afterward so he could never forge anything else. Thor convinces Eitri that, working together, they have the power to defeat Thanos.

AIW – DoctorS (Seeing Through the Future).

Stark, Strange and Parker b
avengers infinity war 2 rely manage to land the Q-Ship on Titan’s surface, where they are immediately ambushed by the Guardians, who have mistaken them for Thanos’ minions. After a few tense moments where Quill believes Stark and his companions to be in league with Thanos, they all agree to work together. While the rest of the group tries to devise a plan, Strange uses the Time Stone to look into alternate futures. He then reports to his allies: out of the fourteen million six hundred and five visions of the future that he foresaw, they were victorious in none but only one alone.

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