Avenger Endgame trailer

Avenger Endgame trailer 2 has increased more curiosity, ideas and opinions regarding Avenger 4 new trailer.

avengers endgame second trailer Marvel Studios shockingly dropped a second and most likely the last full Avenge Endgame trailer on Thursday morning. The length of trailer is 2 minute plus and it has mostly the flash back of the old Marvel Cinematic Universe which might have the great significance for the film. The new trailer does give few interesting hints.

Toney is back on earth avengers-endgame-second-trailer

Before the second trailer there were many speculation about the Toney Stark aka Iron Man will die but new trailer is contrary to all of us expectations. tony stark is back look fit and determined to kill the Thanos. Most important thing to notice is that his armor or uniform has changed probably for the time travel or suits for Quantum realm.

Toney is in pack with all other super heroes that scene in the trailer speak thousand words. It gives you goose bumps.

Hawkeye in two different looks

Clint’s part in the clip is very short but give you a lot take in, in the first appearance, his look is more like a family guy who is teaching archery to young girl and in back ground there is two other kids and women most likely his wife having a fun time.

In the next scene he is in Japan’s street fighting with sword. There is another glimpse of Hawkeye in a cool hair style.

With all his scenes there is two thing you can imagine one his family died because of Thanos and now he wants to take the revenge.

Second is that all went well they succeeded in reversing the Thanos snap and he with his family enjoying his rest of days.

Thor looked instance and furious

They show Thor’s Flash Back with his father and then his scene from the Avenger Infinity war where his friends were turning into dust and he failed them. While this all happening there is voice in the back ground saying (I saw everybody dying).

In the end of the trailer there is quite interesting scene between Thor and Captain Marvel, as they going to have a special bound in the film.

Not that long ago in the interview Russo bothers said that in the first version of the script they had ideas about love interest between Thor and Captain Marvel.

Let see either they still followed the same idea or changed it with a twist.

Ant- Man and Nebula in avengers-endgame-second-trailer

Ant Man somehow came out of Quantum real do not know but survived probably the way Janet rescued he might have applied the same approach.

Ant-man looked frustrated and surprised and there is a scene in a trailer where tiny Ant-Man is full on in action.

On the other hand Nebula is on killer mood she is aggressive and fast in the trailer. As if they both are in the same battle filed.

A time jump

There is possibility of time jump or time travel it because of Black widow’s hairs in a one scene they were long and red and in the last scene they were short and blond.  

Whatever it takes

If there is small chance we owe this to all, this dialogue has a power which shows how madly they want to fix everything and the Dialogue , whatever it takes said by many of them and their walk in the slow motion is breath taking.

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