Avenger Endgame trailer

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame – Official Trailer Release

Trailer plays a huge part in the success of the movie. Trailer creates the impression on audience either they should watch film on the big screen or wait to release on Netflix. Trailer is not created without any hardship it requires a lot of thinking and analysis to grab people’s eye team of market expert and movies analysis decide which bits of the film need to show in the trailer. Trailer intrigue the audience to buy the tickets.

When Avenger Infinity War ended they showed that captain marvel being contacted by Samuel L. Jackson which has created many theories by audiences and critics. Captain Marvel is female super hero which supposed to be very strong and powerful hero of all time, expectation are that she will fight with Thanos and the save the world. There is another theory circulating that Doc Strange will create time lope which will creates an impression that Thanos has been succeeded in his plan in wiping out half of universe and killed many of the super heroes and went to another planet.

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When Avenger infinity war ended it left many fans in shocked and they were desperately waiting for the Avenger Endgame. When the Marvel launched the trailer of endgame it was magnificent people were thrilled after watching the trailer. In the trailer they showed toney talking to the paper very emotionally and saying something as it about to end which give hint that toney going to die the film.

Steve roger as captain America look was change he shaved his beard and his look was very intense. Steve said in the trailer that he knows what he going to do if this isn’t going to work while holding the locket which has the photo of his girlfriend, the picture of his love of life kind of explain that he might die in the end may be he get to see her somehow, well this, we will find out on 24th of April.

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow looked very powerful as usual and they showed her seeing a man with sword and killing the people, when he removed his hood he was ronin (In the comic book, Barton experiences some trauma (come to the point, he dies) and upon his return, he decides he doesn’t want to lead his life as Hawkeye. He takes up the mantle of Ronin and starts a new life as only a goal of his life battle against evil. So many fans are predicting that some or all of his family were dusted during the Thanos Snap, and that is the trauma that prompted the character’s change in the film. But important thing is that fans are hyped about the new look.

The logo of Avenger has pulled back to gather which hinting that everything will be fixed in the end. All the theories and logic will come to end when film will released. Fans are desperately waiting for the film so they can see what actually will happen. The only sad part is it’s the last installment of Avenger series and no more after this which is also a disappointment for the fans.