Avengers 4 leak: All Avengers leaked rumors and Spoilers

Avengers 4 leak : Endgame has become one of the most anticipated movie of all time. Fans are desperately waiting for endgame to see what will happen in the movie because ending of Infinity war left so many question for the audiences.

Since the last release many of the fans are coming up with the theories and prediction related to Avengers Endgame. there are few leaked

Spoiler Alert :

you can read the article at your own risk if you do not want to spoil your interest, because a lot of revelation is about avengers 4 leak to take place in the article.

Tony stark going to have is his on Infinity Gauntlet:

There is speculation is going on about that Tony stark is going to create his own infinity gauntlet in order to reverse the effect of the Thanos snap. There was a avengers 4 leak related Tony stark you can a have read who will wear the Infinity Gauntlet in order to reverse the Thanos snap ?

To have an infinity gauntlet Tony needs the help of Nebula to create one but to collect the stone Tony will need the company of Ant-Man to teleport using Quantum Realm to get obtain the Infinity stones from different time zones.

Well this will surely effect the Thanos and he will not sit quite to let all his efforts vanish in to dust. He will be more furious and venerable. This avengers 4 leak hint cannot be ignored.

A Trip to First Avengers 4 leak

From the source there is avengers 4 leak news that Marvel has built the new set or did few adjustments for  “ The scene is an almost prefect recreation of the moment from (2012’s The Avengers ) where Nick Fury warns Tony stark that a nuclear bomb is on the way to Manhattan.”

The authenticity of the avengers 4 leak images, news and clip

There are many time when fans came up with the avengers 4 leak images and ideas but they did not back up by solid grounds which confirm their ideas. Sometime fans have predicted something which later proved to be real. In June 2018, an image of all the heroes that survived the Decimation being led into battle by Captain America, Tony Stark and Ant- man where Captain America was not in the beard later when trailer released Steve was bread-less. This give a back up to rumors and increase audience interest to read the article.

Hawkeye will become Ronin Best Avengers 4 leak

What shocked in the avengers endgame trailer that Hawkeye as Ronin.  Fans have expectation that Hawkeye would be returning as Ronin from last year. In October 2017, behind the scenes images of Jeremy Renner dressed in what is unmistakably Ronin attire found their way onto Chinese website Weibo (via screenrent.com ), all but confirming that Clint Barton was shedding the Hawkeye moniker.

There was a speculation which is going on that family of Hawkeye will be dusted because of the Thanos snap. So Hawkeye will start another journey as Ronin where he would learn how to fight with swords and becomes known as Ronin (a Japanese term for a wandering samurai with no master) It will be interesting for the fans to see how he will help other super heroes against Thanos.

There’s a high chance that the Barton family vanished during the Decimation, as the voice over in the trailer seems to hint at. “We lost family,” Steve Rogers says as Black Widow discovers Barton standing over a bunch of bodies, “we lost a part of ourselves.” This has shown in the trailer.

How Hulk going to be helpful for other Super Heroes

Hulk become a questioned mark for the fans after the Avengers Infinity war, in the beginning of Avengers Infinity war he tried to stop Thanos and beaten up him badly and rescued by Doctor strange when he open a other portal for him. After that incident Bruce could not become Hulk.

Hulk going to be helpfull for super hero

There is avengers 4 leak idea, which might lead Bruce to understand how to co-exist with Hulk at the same time with Hulk so this is why the avengers 4 leak photo that really stands out is the fact that Hulk is wearing clothing. Not only that, but his facial expression speaks volumes — he looks far more human than ever before. It appears as though Banner will finally figure out how to co-exist with the Hulk, so he would become Professor Hulk.

Tony stark will be having a child another avengers 4 leak

Gwyneth Paltrow has spelt the beans (avenger endgame leak) that a Tony Stark will be a daddy by the time we catch up with him in Avengers 4. Speaking during an interview for the official Avengers: Infinity War magazine (via ComicBook), she revealed that her character, Tony Stark’s longtime love interest Pepper Potts, was destined to become a mother.

tony stark childs

In an interview avengers 4 leak  some of the idea, she said, “She obviously starts as his dutiful assistant, and their relationship evolves, and now this decade later they’re married, and they have a child. Their relationship has grew in all of the ways that great romances evolve.”

“This will give a hint that there will be time jump in the Avengers Endgame”

NO more Tony stark ( Big Avengers 4 leak )

If Tony stark will in the avengers endgame then this will also effect Spider man home coming sequel

A Redditor claiming to have connections with “a reliable source”  which avengers 4 leak that, reportedly been told that the second Spider-Man solo outing will open with Peter Parker mourning the loss of Mr. Stark. The plot will revolve around “something groundbreaking that Stark has created, and which is stolen and Spider-Man must retrieve.

Avengers 4 leak

There is one more thing that Tony stark doesn’t need to make his own new Infinity Gauntlet. You can read an article why doesn’t he need a new infinity Gauntelt.

Who will wear the Infinity Gauntlet in order to reverse the Thanos snap?

Will Strak die in the in the Avengers Endgame in order  to reverse the Thanos snap effect, to read more about it you can Tony stark Link.

Pepper pots suits of her own like Iron Man

Somehow Pepper Pots survived the Thanos snap which is kind of obvious to support the theories like they going to have a child in the future. Gwyneth Paltrow has confirmed that Pepper Potts will be suiting up in Avengers Endgame. She posted her picture on Instagram where in the photo.

Paltrow’s lower legs are visible in the picture, and she’s quite clearly wearing a motion capture suit. She didn’t turn up in any kind of CGI getup in Infinity War, so the only fair explanation is that she was filming scenes for Avengers Endgame at the time.

avengers 4 leak

The avengers 4 leak photo of Pepper in which Pots going to have a full suit like an Iron man in purple and bluish color, In what appears to be a selfie from the set, a supposed leaked image of Paltrow posing in front of a green screen in full Rescue mode is making the rounds online after being shared. Fans have to wait until April 2019 to see Paltrow in full superhero character.

Will the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy comeback

Spider-Man and Black Panther were wiped out by Thanos despite both having sequels on the way pretty much confirmed that some (if not all) of the dead heroes will be resurrected in the Avengers endgame. The director of the film wants to make sure that the death of all of super heroes is for good they are not coming back to life.

But the actors statements are contradicting with the director for instance:

“I got a lot of texts saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re dead, your character is dead,'” Drax actor Dave Bautista said (via MovieWeb). “They were really like heartbroken and I was like, ‘I’m gonna be in four, I’m gonna be in Guardians 3.’ I don’t know how they’re bringing me back, yeah but somehow I’m going to make it because, as far as I know, I am going to be in Guardians 3, so I have to be back.” Drax’s Guardians colleagues Star-Lord and Gamora are also rumored to return but that’s confirmed but let see.

After all she a daughter of the Thanos Nebula

Nebula has been on the edge of events so far, but the daughter of Thanos could turn out to be a crucial player in Avengers endgame. She started out hating adopted sister Gamora, because Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one of the children raised by Thanos alongside her adopted sister Gamora. Over time, Nebula developed an undying urge to beat Gamora in combat.

Every time she lost a fighting match, Thanos chosen Nebula to torturous, (a moment we have already seen play out on screen in Infinity War),clip mutilation, replacing parts of her body with cybernetic enhancements for further improvement. This imbued Nebula with a deep hatred toward Thanos but they reconciled before she was killed by their so-called father in Infinity War.

Avengers 4 leak

Nebula is kind of character which made Thanos to work with avenger to defeat Nebula when she took the Gauntlet for herself (this has done in the comic) there is a avengers 4 leak that this may will happen in the avengers endgame where All the heroes have to work along the with a Thanos who have done all,

“When I was preparing to play Nebula the first time, I read The Infinity Gauntlet,” she told ScreenRant. “I loved it because it was like the most Nebula-heavy comic.” Saying it would be “amazing” if the movies were to follow that same arc, she added, “I don’t know yet — very big secret. But I’m hoping.  

Who will run the Wakanda?  

In the avengers infinity war Wakanda suffered a major loss when the their leader turned into dust

After Thanos snapped there is prediction that after the death of T’Challa / Black Panther his sister Shuri will run the Wakanda because in the comic T’Challa become ill and Shuri took over

And later when T’Challa recovered they both run the Wakanda to gather.

it will be interesting to see both running to gather.

“If the opportunity came about, then why not? It would be comic book accurate. Yeah, that would be amazing. It means more training, more learning and it would really be an amazing adventure. Shuri becomes a savage in the comic books. From going to comedic and fun and like a kid – to then just pulling out some claws. I’m excited.”

Thanos death by the hand of who?

In the comic book Thanos has been killed by the masked villain named Requiem which was Gamora with a power full weapon.

But in the film Gamora never managed to get his hand on that weapon but in the Avengers infinity war when Thor hit the Thanos in the chest with his new weapon, Thanos said that you should have aimed the head instead. This might make sense now that how and will end the Thanos.

14,000,605 version of the future by Doctor Strange:

Where are the all dead because of Thanos Snapped?

There is speculation going on about that all the dead from Avengers infinity war that vanished when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet are actually trapped in a parallel universe inside the Soul Stone, which mentioned in the comic as houses the Soulworld. That might have transfer all dead into other dimension which we have seen in the Avengers Infinity war, Thanos talks to young Gamora after her death in Infinity War may take place inside the stone, meaning the Soulworld exists in the MCU which might be  extended in the Avengers 4 leak. It appears to be reasonable leak which make sense.

The Ancient One makes an unexpected return

The Ancient One appeared to be badly wounded during Doctor Strange, passing on after giving the titular sorcerer one last talk for his repetitive showdown with Dormammu. she did not die because of Thanos snap so the Ancient One probably might not be brought back to life, but the other heroes could get to see her when they time travel is heavily rumored to be integral to the plot of the film.

There is an article about Ancient one you can read.

Death of Captain America

There is a lot going on about the death of the Steve Rogers, Marvel fans have been predicting his death since 2016’s Civil War, and Steve Rogers remains the most likely shocking casualty going into Avengers Endgame. Chris Evans has now completed his contractual obligation to Marvel and he appeared to confirm he was leaving the vibranium shield in an emotional tweet.

“Officially wrapped on Avengers 4,” the actor said on October 4, 2018. “It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role over the last 8 years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! Eternally grateful.”Read an article about the death of Steve Rogers D

Who will be saved by Toney Stark?

There are so many death occur in Avengers Infinity war which has left fans in extreme shock. The death of the leader of the Wakanda was a huge loss for the people of the Wakanda.

Importantly, a short interview with Robert Downey Jr.

The fan tweeted: “Just letting you guys know that Tony meeting Shuri and going to Wakanda is basically confirmed from this photo. It’s his Avengers 4 look with the blond hair and gray beard. Also the background is the same as Shuri’s in Infinity War.

This hint give alert or major leak that give a fan an expectation that T’Challa will be back from the dead but it’s not the Black Panther/ T’Challa who will back but the Vision will back with help of the Shuri.

Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Tony is not, in fact, the most smartest character in the MCU. This  honour goes to the princess of Wakanda.

Tony created JARVIS and ULTRON who fused with the Mind Stone to become Vision and lab in the Wakanda, was the place where Shuri desperately battled to save that same Avengers by removing the stone.

After all vision is a computer programmed it cannot be killed like any other super hero. It must be somewhere out there so Shuri and Stark will make up a team and work to gather so they can bring back the vision.

As its been clear that Shuri is most clever person than a Toney she must have done something while taking the stone off from the vision’s head so that  Scarlet Witch could destroy it. As she could not finish the job at the first place she will do it with help of Toney.

It might be possible for Vision to have survived Thanos’ assault, in some form or other. While Vision’s body might be damaged, he’s primarily a computer program. So maybe, like JARVIS, he can survive in another form, outside of his body all they need to locate and fix it.

This leaked looks interesting so far let see how they going to pull off in the avengers 4 leak.

Will Loki be brought back to life? Most important Avengers 4 leak

Avengers Infinity War most clever hero Loki “will be brought back to life” by this powerful character in Avengers 4 leak?

There are so many deaths have taken place because of Thanos’s snap, fans are expecting that it might be reversed and all the deaths due to snap may be brought back but the Loki?

Loki did not die because of snap he died because Thanos strangled him while collecting the stone. When Loki died he was not all alone but his brother Thor was there too but could not save by him.

Well there are so many things are going on people are predicting a lot of stuff and there are so many leaks which have also increase fans curiosity about Loki’s survival.

Avengers 4 leak set pictures have already shown him in scenes with Thor and Tony Stark in New York, which are assumed to be some form of time travel or it could be a flashback scene, but there is considerable evidence that Loki’s actual death will be reversed by his brother and this returning one of the MCU villain.

Film makers have repeatedly said that all the deaths in that movie are real. They are not coming back but it’s not so true because there are few super Heroes who’s separate movies are about to come like Peter’s Spider man homecoming sequel. So there is a probability that Loki will back to,

But the questioned is who will? No one else but his brother and with a help of their sister they will bring Loki back

There is a news that:

On May 3 and 4 last year, Chris Hemworth, Tessa Thompson and a full-scale model of Rocket Raccoon were seen on a set at Durham Cathedral. Cate Blanchett was also spotted in the area.

We now know that the two actresses were not seen in Infinity War so this must have been for Avengers 4.

 This could all mean: “I recognize that the reason Thor, Rocket, Valkyrie, and Hela are all there at the church once more is to gain access to the cave that Thor used in Age of Ultron with Erik Selvig to open up the portal get to the Hela and then they might work as team to save their brother Loki.

There is further evidence that Blanchett will return as Thor and Loki’s sister according to the sources, on a slip up by Mark Ruffalo in an I Am Rapapart podcast whe he casually mentioned two stars he had shared scenes with.

There is that too, Tilda Swinton, said star Ruffalo name-checked Cate Blanchett: “Another amazing actress. So cool. So humble, so cool. The best ones are humble and cool.

In Avengers 4/ endgame you are going to see heroes passing by different dimensions. Cannot ask more when they will see Loki alive in Avengers 4.

The part of Ant- Man in the Avengers endgame

Will the Ant Man escape the Quantum Realm and how he will manage because we all have seen in the ending of Ant-Man & the Wasp Scott Lang stranded in the Quantum Realm. Thanos had succeeded in his insane goal of erasing half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. And Scott’s closest friends – the only ones who knew he was even exploring the Quantum Realm, and the ones who were about to extract him – crumbled to dust. 

It’s long been clear that Ant-Man would return in so they have showed him in the trailer of Avengers Endgame but with a trailer fans are thinking it’s going be the old scene or the old clip they are watching where Scott waving at them through cctv cameras.

Leaving  Scott Lang alive inside the Quantum Realm suggested he was going to be important somehow in order to un do the Thanos’s snap effect while working along other super heroes.

Scott released from the Quantum Realm seems possible because Janet Van Dyne was stranded in the Quantum Realm for 30 years before being rescued from it. If Janet could get rescued surly Scott will make his way out from the Quantum Realm but the question is how he will manage to

When Scott entered the Quantum Realm in the post-credits scene, Janet gave him an important piece of advice; “Don’t get sucked into a time vortex,she told him. “We won’t be able to save you.  Time Vortex is based on the theory of Einstein its used to travel through time and space, if someone know how to jump into time vortex they can escape but if you do anything wrong you may stuck in the Quantum Realm.

It’s worth to remember that Scott is wearing his Ant-Man suit, which means that if he stuck in the wrong place in time or space, he could simply shut down the regulators and shrink back down until he enters the Quantum Realm to try again with another time vortex.

There is one thing which is sure is that time travel, That method would explain how Scott Lang was able to escape, if there’s a time-jump at some point, it would allow the Avengers to learn that time travel was possible, and the van could then become the means to get into the Quantum Realm and enter the past. The van is Hank Pym’s, and it contains a portable Quantum Tunnel. So it’s kind of possible that van could still be Ant-Man’s way out of the Quantum Realm.

Captain Marvel in the Endgame/ Avengers 4 leak

The film Captain Marv is set in 1995 well before Nick Fury became the boss of SHIELD, and well before Iron Man emerged as the leader of the Avengers. Which means that Captain Marvel does not know anything what has happened on earth.  

This also explain by the end game trailer where Black widow narrating all what happened on earth but has not shown whom she is talking to,

“Thanos did exactly what he said he was gonna do. He wiped out 50 percent of all living creatures,” she tells an unknown person. This stands out because everyone left would surely have known what happened. So there’s no way she’d be telling an ordinary citizen.

There is might be possible she is telling all to Ant man as he stuck in the Quantum Realm or captain marvel.

She only trust Fury but he has turned into dust when she see her pager in the hands of the Avengers would she believe them as his friends?

Every time new superhero join the Avengers he never come easy as initially they have disputes well is there going to be one?

Post credit scene of captain Marvel

Captain Marvel takes place in the Avengers 4 leak HQ, where Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and Bruce Banner have been monitoring the pager’s signal but it’s just stopped.

As they discuss how to bring it back on again, Black Widow turns around to find Captain Marvel standing there and she asks, “Where’s Fury?” as the scene cuts to black. It will be interesting to see all of working to gather.

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