Incredible Hulk and Bruce will be one again in Avenger4!

IScientist Bruce Banner’s inside confusion turn him into strong, powerful and out of control green Hulk.

Life as a monster

Bruce father was abusive because of that he was a shy and introvert child but genius scientific.  When he became scientific, because of his standout work in the field of nuclear physics, he pulled the eye of the U.S. Army who wanted to adapt his work for weaponry. Bruce tried to avoid their offer but he had to accept a position at a federal nuclear research facility at a missile base in the New Mexico desert. This was in the comic book but in the movie story line was little different.

In the movie Bruce exposed to heavy doses of gamma radiation, because in the lab daily routine maintenance of their appropriated gamma-ray spectrometer, a short circuit let massive explosion of gamma radiations Bruce jumped in front of other colleague to save his life.

He already had it

Bruce already had a radiation in his body because of his father, as he the one who started this experiment because of restriction he had used on himself, after that Bruce have born.

Frist time

When he got to know his father is alive it triggers him badly and because of his extreme emotions Bruce transforms into the Hulk, a huge, hum anoid, green-skinned monstrous.

Not a hero

Bruce’s powers are not considered as a blessing but as a curse, because he doesn’t know how to control it but he learned it after paying a price.

Incredible hulk

It is a journey of Bruce where he learn how to control his transformation instead of reversing his Gamma radiation affects.

His journey was not easy he had to go to many hurdle to get there. Because Ross and Blonsky want to take Bruce into their custody so they so they can turn hulk into weapon.

They tried hard to capture him failed twice but succeeded in third time but they had to let him go to fight with Blonsky who had injected himself with a Banner’s blood with combination of the super-soldier formula and turned into monster eventually Bruce win that fight and flees New York.


 Natasha Romanoff went to India, Calcutta to hunt down the Bruce and told him that they need his help to defeat the Loki and save the New York.

Hulk was amazing more than a threat like always this time he was a super hero and help other Avengers to save the New York.

Infinity War

In infinity war Hulk beaten up by the mad Titan could not transform himself into Hulk. Fans were missing his presence in the film as a Hulk.

Bruce was wearing armor and fighting with army of Thanos, Hulk along with other Avengers and Guardians failed to save the Universe.

Avengers Endgame

There are two trailers of Avengers Endgame, none of them has Hulk but just a Bruce Banner. There are speculation that he will turn into hulk when Natasha will die, her death will turn him into Hulk.

So Hulk will be back and it will be great for the fans to see him fighting with Thanos.

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