How Technology can Help Your Business Get Funded?

Do you have a new business idea that you wish to implement? For any start-up, the biggest challenge is to get funds. Raising capital is not easy to say the least because it demands ample time, hard work, creativity, intelligence, and of course, good fortune. But, there ae plenty of tools, technologies, and apps that are designed to enable business owners to find keen investors, build networks, and establish their brand image.

  • Ecommerce businesses are dominating the entrepreneurial world today and consumers can buy practically anything on the Internet. This is one trend that is not likely to disappear soon and new technologies are being launched every day to make consumer lives easier and their shopping experiences more rewarding. This shows that entrepreneurs of ecommerce start-ups must embrace the latest technologies like online marketing to reach out to a wider audience. Their first task is to inform the world about their existence and showcase to a target audience what they have to offer. This product or service needs to be unique, possibly disruptive, or exceptional to allow the start-up to make its presence felt. The best way to promote your brand image and showcase your products is to actively participate on start-up blogs, forums, and join networks for connecting with funders, and social media platforms for interacting with people as many of these could also end up funding or mentoring your business.
  • The modern-day entrepreneur can use options like MoneyDance, iBank, etc to organize their expenses and make financial plans. There are online apps and loan calculators that can help you understand how much money you have at hand and the resources at your disposal, the potential value and risks involved. New business owners can even find low-cost marketing or advertising solutions; for instance, sites like oDesk and Fiverr offer low-cost freelance talent that can be of much use to start-ups lacking expertise in resource handling. Novice crypto traders can use automated trading apps such as bitcoin pro software to carry out the trade autonomously without putting much efforts.
  • Another key technology that can be of much use to start-ups is social media marketing. Social media websites offer great opportunities to new businesses for raising money and connecting with prospective investors. You will find plenty of social networking tools and apps that connect entrepreneurs with reliable sources of capital for their businesses. But, you must know which network will cater to your niche, which sites to look in, and how to build profiles to catch the investors’ eye. Incidentally, it is wrong to assume that you will need to reach out to big venture capitalists to fund your business idea; you can get funds almost as easily from crowdfunding platforms and apps like Lending Club and Kick Starter. Today, there are as many as 600 crowd sourced platforms globally and these are capable of raising billions annually. Crowdfunding has also become the go-to solution for new business owners because they offer quality publicity for your idea. But to get the most out of crowdfunding platforms you need to have an engaging story backed by a small group of supporters when you are starting out. This is why you should consider creating a compelling blog or interacting actively on social media first before launching your campaign.
  • Did you know that cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin can actually prove to be a game-changer for new start-ups? If you are unaware then you can have a glance at the bitcoin code review and gain knowledge. While people may still have reservations about these the truth is that digital currencies are fast gaining legitimacy and can revolutionize the ecommerce world. Everyone knows of recent investments in blockchain-driven projects and Bitcoin start-ups.